About Us

How does our Environmental Commission serve Roseland?

The Roseland Environmental Commission provides leadership through our advice to Borough leadership on policies and resolutions of sustainability including preservation and enhancement of the quality of Roseland’s environment and natural resources for the benefit of our residents and businesses.

Some of the responsibilities are to assist with creation and implementation of sustainability programs / initiatives, promote environmental education among residents, inform citizens about environmental issues and how they can be addressed, and coordinate community involvement in these efforts.

Other responsibilities of the Environmental Commission are to:

  • Coordinate with municipal planning and zoning boards, committees and other organizations on issues of mutual interest
  • Develop and maintain an inventory of the environmental resources and land use constraints of the municipality
  • Establish Green Team and oversee initiatives to progress towards Sustainable Jersey certification

Our commission is made up of seven members, including one member of the Planning Board, plus two alternates. Members are appointed by the Mayor and serve for a term of three years. The commission also includes a liaison from the town council.


2-47       ENVIRONMENTAL COMMISSION. (Ordinance)

 2-47.1    Creation.

Pursuant to NJ.S.A. 40:56A-l et seq., there shall be an Environmental Commission in the Borough, consisting of seven (7) members, established for the protection, development or use of natural resources, including water resources, located within the territorial limits of the Borough. (1973 Code § 2-28.1)

2-47.2 Appointment; Qualifications; Compensation.

The Commission shall consist of seven (7) members, appointed by the Mayor, one (1) of whom shall also be a member of the Planning Board, and all of whom shall be residents of the Borough. The members shall serve without compensation, except as hereinafter provided. The Mayor shall designate one (1) of the members to serve as Chairman and Presiding Officer of the Commission. (1973 Code § 2-28.2)

 2•47.3 Terms; Removal; Hearing.

The term of office for a commissioner shall be for three (3) years, so that the terms of approximately one-third (1/3) of the members will expire at the end of each calendar year or until the appointment and qualification of their successors. The Mayor or Borough Council may remove any member of the Commission for cause, after serving written charges upon the member, and after a hearing thereon, at which the member shall be entitled to be heard in person or by counsel. (1973 Code § 2-28.3)

2•47.4 Vacancies.

A vacancy on the Commission occurring otherwise than by expiration of a term shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as an original appointment. (1973 Code § 2-28.4)

 2•47.5 Powers and Duties.

The Environmental Commission shall:

  1. Conduct research into the use and possible use of the open land areas of the Borough.
  2. Coordinate the activities of unofficial bodies organized for similar purposes.
  3. Advertise, prepare, print and distribute books, maps, charts, plans and pamphlets which, in its judgment, it deems necessary for its purposes, within the limits of funds appropriated to the Commission.
  4. Keep an index of all open area, publicly and privately owned, including open marshlands, swamps, and other wetlands, and obtain information on the proper use of such areas.
  5. Study and make recommendations and propose ordinances concerning open space preservation, water resources management, air pollution control, solid waste management, noise control, soil and landscape protection, environmental appearance, marine resources and protection of flora and fauna. Review environmental impact reports and stream encroachment applications.
  6. Recommend to the Planning Board from time to time plans and programs for inclusion in the Master Plan of the Borough for development and use of such areas. (1973 Code § 2-28.5)

 2•47.6   Acquisitions by Commission.

Subject to the prior approval of the Borough Council, the Environmental  Commission may acquire property, real and personal, in the name of the Borough, by gift, pledges, grants, bequests, devises, lease or purchase for any of the purposes of the Commission, and it shall administer the same for such purposes subject to the terms of such conveyance or gift. The interest so acquired may be the fee or any lesser interest, development right, easement, including conservation easement, covenant or other contractual right, including a conveyance on conditions or with limitations or reversions as may be necessary to acquire, maintain, improve, protect, limit the future use of or otherwise conserve and properly utilize open spaces and other land and water .areas in the Borough. (1973 Code § 2-28.6)

2•47.7 Records Required; Annual Report.

The Commission shall keep records of its meetings and activities and shall make an annual report to the Borough Council. (1973 Code § 2-28.7)

 2•47.8 Funding; Power of Appointment.

The Borough Council may appropriate funds for the expenses incurred by the Commission. The Commission may appoint with consent of the Mayor and Council such clerks and other employees as it may require and as shall be within the limits of funds appropriated to it. (1973 Code § 2-28.8)